Good Friends Are One of Life’s Greatest Blessings

And the laughter and conversation you share is the soundtrack of a strong relationship. That’s what I have with John Walsh: a strong relationship that carries both of us through those months and years when our lives get so busy it is hard to make the time to get together. Recently, John was in New York filming the first episode of his 24th season of America’s Most Wanted; the show that is responsible for the capture of more that 1,100 fugitives and the return of dozens of missing children to their families. John was filming at Ground Zero when I was able to join him and steal some time from his busy schedule.

Like all good friends, we hurried to catch up on everything we missed since our last
meeting. But it doesn’t take long for both of us to focus in on our mutual passion, the
National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC). John, of course, was a
founding member of the organization when he merged his Adam Walsh Child Resource
Center with NCMEC in 1984. He and his wife Reve were motivated by their own tragic
loss of son Adam in 1981. John’s commitment is well documented; mine less so. But, in
1982, I was fortunate enough to be successful in starting the Adam Walsh Center of New
York that became the NCMEC. So John and I marvel at how far the organization has
come, the successes it has enjoyed, and the work that is still to be done on behalf of the
children. As a result, John is almost as excited as I am about Tavern Direct, the products,
and the mission to help support NCMEC.

When John finished shooting at Ground Zero we hopped over to Brooklyn to shoot
another scene, now we were three hours behind and losing light. The only place we could
shoot without street noise and spectators was the production trailer. I think this one was
stuck on top of a pickup that John and the crew used to change their clothes in. None the
less we had to go back to his “trailer” (every celebrity has one) and started to whip up
some tasty treats with Tavern Direct’s dipping oils, marinades, balsamic vinegars, and
finishing sauces. Of course our antics were quickly committed to video so I can share
them with you. Take a look. Enjoy the recipes. And hopefully you’ll see the connection
between two good friends. Share Tavern Direct with your good friends, and make a
difference in the lives of others.


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1 Response to Good Friends Are One of Life’s Greatest Blessings

  1. Lou, I’m so glad to hear that things are underway and moving forward at great speed for TavernDirect! It was a pleasure meeting you at BlogHer and I look forward to seeing this project become a fabulous success.

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