A Quick Primer on Balsamic Vinegar

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*Tavern on the Green Intl. is NOT affiliated with Tavern on the Green In Central Park in New York City

Balsamic vinegar is a very distinct product native to Italy.  Recent years have seen an explosion of the product’s popularity throughout the world.  In the United States, balsamic vinegar is very different from its Italian cousin, with some brands being an exception.  Balsamic vinegar, made in the traditional way, is often aged for more than twelve years. It consists of late harvest Trebbiano grapes, and is processed carefully using centuries old methods.

Today, the typical manufacturing process is done in one day.  The more modern methods do not use one hundred percent Trebbiano grapes. In some cases, manufacturers use a combination of wine vinegars, wine must and even apple cider vinegar, often without any balsamic vinegar at all.  Only occasionally will you find a balsamic vinegar on the ingredient list.  We invite you to read the labels of supermarket balsamic vinegars and then read ours.  We are certain that you will be amazed.

Traditional balsamic vinegar should have a deep, rich brown color, complex flavors and with more viscosity than typical vinegar.  The price of the highest quality balsamic vinegar can exceed $200 a bottle.

Tavern’s balsamic vinegars are made from aged balsamic vinegar and condiment, infused with natural ingredients. While they include no artificial sweeteners, the lower acidity makes for a sweeter taste. Additionally, the thicker style allows our balsamic vinegars to be used for glazes, salads, finishes and preparations that are endless in variety.  Because of the intense flavors, you will be able to use comparatively little to achieve the tastes that make our vinegars so special. In the end, a typical bottle from Tavern Direct will go much further than one off the supermarket shelf.

For more information on the products we sell, the causes they serve, and the Tavern on the Green tradition, stick to the Tavern Direct blog for much, much more.


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