Tavern on the Green Supports Safe to Compete

Tavern on the Green Intl. specializes in gourmet sauces, marinades and oils, all of which this blog will address, and with detail. However, the heart of the company is found in the fact that we donate a portion of the profit from every item sold to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. One important program from the center that deserves attention is Safe to Compete.

Safe to Compete works hard to raise awareness of child sexual abuse in sports and to prevent it from happening in the first place. It provides a platform for discussing the issue and its possible solutions. Training resources are available to open people’s eyes to how children interact with their coaches, fellow players, and other people involved in their sports.

Children are most often abused by someone they know, such as coaches, family friends, babysitters, childcare providers and neighbors. Child molesters are often very unsuspected people from traditionally unsuspected places.

The recent Jerry Sandusky scandal made the general public more aware of what experts on child sexual abuse already knew: that child molesters tend to choose youth-serving organizations as places to find victims. In Sandusky’s case, it was the Penn State football program and his Second Mile program. Any place that gives adults relatively unfettered access to youth must be properly monitored and regulated to prevent incidences of child sexual abuse. The unquestioned authority of coaches and other authority figures, a physical culture, and common hesitancy to report abuse are all factors that need attention.

The Safe to Compete program works to educate parents, children, and those involved in youth sports to give childhood recreational activities a safe and healthy environment free from the poison that has affected so many innocent children in the past. Tavern on the Green International is a direct extension of that cause, raising money through the sale of delicious foods straight from the recipes of the original Tavern on the Green. Place an order to support this crucial cause today.


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