Summer BBQ Idea | Grilling Fruit

Grilling Fruits | Summertime BBQ Ideas | Tavern on the GreenGrilling season is in full swing. During the weekend barbeques the burgers will be slinging and the hot dogs sizzling. Aside from the traditional grilling essentials, we’d like to encourage you to expand your repertoire this summer season. Grilled veggies are an excellent way to add some variety to your meal, but have you ever tried grilling fruit? The heat from the grill brings out the sweet flavor from the natural fruit sugars. Few people get beyond the fruit salad to experiment further, but it’s really quite simple and can add a whole new dimension to your barbeque. Drizzle in a bit of balsamic and you’ll be having a whole other-worldly fruit experience. Check out our list below to see which unexpected fruits made the cut for the best on the grill.


Be sure to peel the banana first, cut it in half lengthwise, and lay cut-side-down on the grill. Serve with a side of creamy vanilla ice cream and fresh cherries. Mmmmmm!


Cut in half and poke with a fork- marinade for an hour with Tavern Blackberry Ginger. Grill face up to hold the Balsamic

Actually, any stone fruit is excellent on the grill. Plums, apricots, peaches… all of them. Simply section each fruit in half and place on the grill face down.


Large, steak sized watermelon filets are amazing on the grill. A just-ripe watermelon makes for the best grilling. For watermelon salad: drizzle the grilled watermelon with Tavern Citrus Balsamic and mix with mint leaves, mache greens, sea salt, and feta cheese. It’ll be a huge hit at any summer celebration.


Similar to watermelon, a grilled pineapple grills beautifully in filets. Add as a burger topper, or as a dessert accent. Fresh pineapple work better than canned.



To prepare your fruits for grilling, you will want to wash, peel, and soak them in water for 15 minutes to prevent burns. Brushing them in a vegetable oil will help to ensure they won’t stick to the grill. When the fruits are cooked all the way through, transfer them to a serving dish and drizzle in a delicious balsamic vinegar.


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